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Felicia DeRosa Number One


Felicia DeRosa has an awesomely refreshing sound right now, the summer vibes are stronger than ever, and as an artist – her fusion of pop, reggae, rock and soul feels beautifully on point.

Number One is a totally uplifting and musically organic song, dealing with adoration, love, infatuation. The track has been made as bright and infectious as it is by the perfect combination of three elements. The first, is the writing – it’s accessible, relatable, with easily memorable melodies. The second is Felicia’s voice, she puts forth a flawless performance loaded with soul and style and confidence, meeting the laid back mood set by that reggae vibe but still offering plenty in the way of passion and energy.

The third element is the production. The song has been crafted incredibly well – the set-up and the evolution of the whole soundscape keeps you involved and energized right the way through. Furthermore, the song’s key melody stands tall among this, so you can lose yourself in the moment, fall right into the centre of the action and the energy, but you’ll still walk away singing that hook until the sun goes down.

From the offset, the song has a delicate acoustic ambiance and feel to it. Over time, this grows to be more of a thick arena of musical energy – the rock swagger comes into play, guitars and effects bring a certain style to the scene, and this, in turn, has a notable effect on Felicia’s vocal performance. As a singer she’s a master of the art, meeting or exceeding the notes and energy required at each moment – whether gentle and whispered, quick and almost rap-like, or mighty and soulful. As stated, everything about this is refreshing, a pleasure to have play for you, and I can’t wait for the longer project.

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