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It’s something I’ve mentioned a fair bit in recent months, but it continues to ring true – 2019 looks set to see some of the best new rock music emerging since quite some time ago. Februum is undoubtedly a part of that process. The qualities are simply a fusion of absolute creativity, passionate expression, grit and emotion intertwined – the scene setting, the structure, the instrumentation; all of this stands tall on the Ekpyrosis EP.

Beginning with the dark and mysterious Walk Into The Fire, the EP intrigues and subsequently captivates with its gradually rising intensity and the sheer detail and poetic reflection presented in the lyrics. The leading voice carries the experience in the perfect way, being gentle and almost whispered to begin with, though always with an air of anticipation in the tone, and evolving to become something subtly heavy and inherently connected to the progression of the soundscape.

Following the opener, This Is Where We Terminate leads with an immediately infectious riff that feels partly rooted in metal and electronic rock alike. The song is fuller, more vibrant from the offset, and the vocals give off a more lyrically dense performance. The ideas are as fascinating as before, there’s an underlying darkness to the entire project, but it doesn’t affect you in the way that quieter melancholic music might. Recent studies have shown that rock and metal actually have a calming effect on listeners – something fans of the genres already knew – so it makes sense to face these demons and difficult details in a thick and energetic setting. At about the half way point in this song, the music falls away almost completely, and that central idea repeats – this is where we terminate. The song utilizes contrast brilliantly, and the lyrics hold tight to your attention throughout. It connects on a deeper level and this helps give it an addictive quality that seems perfectly well suited to escapism.

As We Turn Into Ash comes third in the playlist and is a personal favourite. The leading voice sounds beautiful, raspy yet delicate, dealing with personal turmoil in an honest and vulnerable way – reminiscent of the likes of Nine Inch Nails. The song is huge, evolving to become this massive soundscape with cascading drums and some brilliantly united musicianship all round. A definite highlight and a track that rains down around you in a heavy and incredibly energizing manner. Amazing to listen to at volume – really well produced so as to let each layer sound crisp and relevant; at the same time as allowing the entire track to envelop you as this one hugely artistic moment.

Offering a flicker of conceptual optimism at the final hurdle, The Light That’s Always With You brings the EP to an end – though the hopeful implications of the title contrast with the dark wash of distortion and fuzz that pours through. There’s a haunting aura to this track, the vocals are distant now, almost whispered among the outer layers. Melody and spoken word seem to cross paths. The ambiance is less musical and more of a reflective cavern of deep thought. Then the piano comes in, an unexpected level of humanity, and the entire journey begins to feel different.

The lyrics are compelling, heartfelt and unabashedly honest. Then the beat hits, the track finds its groove, its energy – the vocals fade away further into the distance. There’s a rather epic, neo-classical feel to much of this. It sounds live, as if it’s all right there in the room with you. A mighty piece of music and a further testament to a creative artist with a unique outlook and an inherent passion for and connection to this expressive audio art form in general. This is fairly incomparable to anything you’re likely to have heard this year. Absolutely worth a listen in full.

Download the music for free via Noise Trade. You can also download it via Bandcamp or iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud or Spotify. Find & follow Februum on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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