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fÄst The Ocean Is Made Of Drops


Stylishly blending the calming, immersive nature of ambient sound design, with a clearly creative and uninhibited backbone of identity, producer and artist fÄst delivers a self-defined sensory experience like no other with this single.

Working its magic most notably at high volumes, the decidedly hypnotic and passionately crafted The Ocean Is Made Of Drops progresses through a fairly perfect five-minute life-span in a manner that feels consistently soothing yet unpredictable all at once. While there are fragments of familiar EDM and pop production, there are also dashes of distorted electric guitar, freestyle-like melodies, heavy hits of rhythm and lashings of reverb.

There’s a notably warped energy to many of the layers, yet it works – professionalism keeps things connecting, interesting yet engaging, and for all of these reasons this is something of an addictive new sound and style; and a rather stunning composition all in all.

Recognisable, and mesmerising in the way that all great escapism should be. An impressively alternative hit of creative freedom.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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