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Fargoneworld Storming on the Inside


Fargoneworld’s latest release takes a heartfelt step in a different direction as they attempt to use their art to address the difficulties and the love associated with a father-son relationship. The music lays out a gentle ambiance, a light and trip-hop like backdrop – a fitting soundscape, within which a notably thoughtful and emotional display of lyricism unfolds.

The lyrics make clear what the sentiments are, the subject matter comes through in a detailed and deeply personal, reflective way. The performance itself during those verses seems calm but passionate, there’s a genuine level of heartache in some of those lines, and the leading voice has a definite touch of emotional realness about it. Songs like this, that seek to explore issues that matter and that really affect people, can only be effective when there is nothing faked – when that genuine concern and intent is inherent in the music and in the delivery. That’s why this works, because all of this is here in plain view.

The choices made musically here seem perfect for the mood and the intentions of the writing. We know from the album My American Girl that Fargoneworld is a name closely connected to that thread of writing things of depth and realness. This release isn’t so much a surprise as it is a refreshing look at the artist’s life and experiences – a broader perspective of sorts. It lets listeners get a little insight, feel a little closer to the music, and it also offers that openness that audiences often look to artists for. Those things we go through but can’t seem to put into words – these are what the artist expresses for us, screaming or whispering the truth on our behalf; crying with us, making us feel understood and less alone.

The subject matter at the heart of this song is something that has the potential to connect with so many listeners, not just the fathers but the sons, even the mothers and sisters who see all of this perhaps just as clearly. The flow of the track keeps the level of entertainment present because that’s the hip hop way, but it also gives you just enough of those undeniably honest moments to really give it weight. The song leaves its mark in a strong way, and the music, the performances – everything walks through this topic in unison, reiterating the underlying togetherness that is so heavily highlighted by the story-line. The music is beautiful and the song on the whole speaks volumes for its genuine touch.

A father is not perfect, but that love he has for his children is a perfect love. – Fargoneworld.

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