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The unwavering rap flow featured on this release is incredible – the main take-away from listening and by far the one thing that takes you aback as the music plays out. This is hip hop story-telling at its best, presented with imagery and essential levels of energy, so that poetic element stands tall but so does the inherent rhythm of the performance. It’s addictive to listen to, captivating with every word, and gets you thinking this is undoubtedly something to look out for within the ever-growing world of rap.

Fargoneworld is a multi-artist collective bringing together talent from Ohio, Mississippi, and Illinois. The united skill and vibrancy is superb, the verses offer up unique layers of character but simultaneously blend into one another as if it was meant to be. The title-track from the album My American Girl makes certain the song’s story-line and subject matter, its underlying sentiments, remain at the forefront of the experience in a genuine and compelling way, from start to finish. The collective’s shared love of the art of hip hop, of music and writing, expressing in this way, is precisely what has brought them together – and the result is an authentic and immersive piece of music and performance.

There are more than a few clever moments that make you want to skip back through this release. The rhymes have a tendency to linger on for longer than a single couplet – a little less common in modern rap – they extend across the margins of structure; impressive in the way that an Eminem verse was when his work first emerged. In stark contrast with that comparison though, the optimism and positivity here is huge. The underlying message of the music is good hearted, inspirational, and the tone with which this is delivered represents that in a calm yet confident way.

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My American Girl offers something unique to hip hop right now. Part of this is that ongoing sense of story telling – you want to follow the lyrics along, right through to the end, to find out how it all turns out. There’s so much emotion that everything feels real and true to the experiences of those involved. The title song, and indeed the full project – the album – is a dedicative collection of thoughtful ideas and appreciation. The loyalty and support showcased in the lyrics, in the performances, and indeed in the uplifting ambiance of the music, is reinforced at every step.

Musically the production on this is simple yet effective, beautiful even. A minimalist beat and light-ended riff contrast with the space and mellow intensity of the vocals. It’s a match made in heaven, offering that passionate, Tupac-like outpouring of depth and power, letting you escape entirely into the moment – or be energized by it, if that’s what you need. In either case, the music has your back, and the rest of the album is all of this and more.

A few personal highlights include Given All My Love To Ya – a smooth piece of music backs up a heartbroken leading vocal and story-line that again has you hanging on every word. The questioning nature of the lyrics offers a certain endearing vulnerability, the shortness of the lines reiterates this. Distance follows and reaches out to the more modern sound of hip hop – the haunting riffs, the darkness, the auto-tune, the sound-bites. This one feels particularly relevant but also fresh, with unexpectedly retro samples and sound effects. Another simple yet mighty hook works its way into your consciousness.

My Momma Kicked Me Out The House introduces a gorgeously acoustic, folk-like or soulful backdrop that supports a uniquely expressive rap performance. A personal favourite. Nothin offers a totally unusual soundscape that works beautifully. The rhythm and these flickers of alternative or oriental cultures bring about a bright and memorable aura. I Love continues the eclecticism to a strong degree, the emotion is heavy here, reflective and provocative – it gets you thinking about those who mean the most, appreciating the little things and the people you’re blessed to have in your life. It reminds you how short life is, and how much the people you love really mean to you. In a different way to the others, this one stands out as a highlight – it’s an easy one to revisit whenever you start to forget what really matters.

The One is another favourite, the lyrics touch on concepts and ideas that very little else – if anything – dares to deal with. The idea seems to be that people who move away from a certain area or a way of life tend to later look back at it unfavorably, or that people from a certain place can’t do anything worthwhile. The hook hits with impact, one of the best on the project – simple but anthemic, quickly gaining your affection in a classic and hypnotic way. The song is motivational, sarcastic on occasion, always loaded with personality and consistently infectious in its display of power and drive. Fargoneworld are an inspiring act with genuine intentions. More than worth the time it takes to discover their music.

‘My American Girl’ – An album dedicated to all women for giving life and inspiring men to do more and be more than they can ever imagine.

Stream or download the album here. Find & follow Fargoneworld on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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