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Ezra Vancil Complicated Man


Complicated Man is a stunning song from the album You, by artist and songwriter Ezra Vancil. A blissfully ambient and impressive acoustic guitar part starts things off, this is soon followed by a Dylan-esque approach to poetic expression and melodic craftsmanship, delivered and enhanced by the soft yet subtle gravel of a Ray Lamontagne-like leading voice. It’s the sort of song that just works, that sounds beautiful, entrancing – immediately familiar and addictive. The sort of song that makes you thrash the play button just moments before it all ends, again and again, until every word and every note starts to feel like a part of you.

Ezra Vancil writes superbly reflective and imaginative songs that seem deeply personal, honest, and unusually thoughtful at the very same time. The concept is something that connects with many yet it’s presented in a way that feels new. The character or values of the artist behind the creative work are laid bare for all to witness, and this adds a level of vulnerability – it makes listening to the song feel like stumbling upon a private performance or an excerpt from a diary; oh how we love to pry into the lives of those around us, whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s is a bold yet beautiful way to write. Complicated Man comes through with the absolute power of a memorable, infectious hook, as well as the undeniable, emotional realness required to carry the sentiment along in an authentic and moving way. The artist’s playing, his musicianship, his skills in songwriting and composition, his awareness of what works and his limited concern for that regardless – it all feels so true to the moment, and it’s topped of gorgeously by a warm and wonderful leading voice. Without question, the upcoming album You is one to look out for.

Pre-order the album You via Bandcamp. Find & follow Ezra Vancil on Spotify, Facebook & Twitter. Visit his Website for more information.

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