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Eye’z Go For It


What a smooth and stunning track, a pleasure to stumble upon – released by the one and only Eye’z, host of CA’s Live Action Music.

The music in Go For It has a beautifully mellow and soulful vibe to it, and what’s more; all the elements with which it has been crafted are superbly connected by that gorgeously expressive leading vocal. There’s a beautiful tone to the voice, and alongside this – there is some really impressive and creative production from start to finish.

Everything shines brightly in this one – the work put into it has clearly been thought through, looked over, and essentially made to count. Later on, as you get further into the track, the vocal performances are sensational. The key change adds this whole new dynamic, bringing the track smoothly but surely forward from the peacefully mellow to the passionately massive. The outro builds and builds, then appropriately fades out as it rides along on a pretty incredible vocal note; one that blends so very well with the end of the music.

It’s such a strong track, even with all the technical details aside; genre, style, direction – the fact of the matter is, it’s a track you can turn on, turn up, and get completely lost in. It’s a beautiful performance, woven stylishly into a lush sounding piece of music. There’s a whole lot about it that feels brand new – she’s an artist you’d want to do well, purely because of that something special that’s been created through the sound and the performance.

Bringing genre back into the mix, there’s a delightful bit of soul featured throughout, fused in with a whole lot of everything that is modern and new about chilled out electronic music. It sounds great, the voice is truly quite stunning, honest sounding, and the style is fresh and easy to get involved in. Furthermore, at it’s very core – the song writing is right up there with the best of them. It’s a brilliant combination of elements and skills, making for a quality listening experience. This is undeniably an artist to get on board with.

You can check out everything that’s happening in the world Eye’z over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, listen to Go For It over on Reverbnation, and find out more about the artist on her official Website. If you’re anywhere near Albany, CA, this August, you can catch Eye’z and friends at Live Action Music – Sunday, 28th August, at The Ivy Room. Get involved.


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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