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Even Keel Days


Currently 31 years old and with decades of original songs backed up in his creative mind, Even Keel begins the process of launching his lifetime repertoire, with the uniquely distinct, acoustic-alternative vibe and poetic vulnerability of Days.

The brand new single is from the upcoming album Overjoyed, and leads with acoustic guitar before blending into a pop-rock, bigger band subtlety with a twist of alt-rock in the vocal quiet – almost akin to the mid-album, stripped back offerings of heavier bands.

As things progress, the mood and structure increasingly envelop the listener, even the dynamic of the two featured vocals, the male and female tones, add an element of escapism and musicality that’s hypnotic to let play.

Admittedly the lyrics come second in line for Days, but this is only because the nostalgically organic, grunge-kissed and hazy ambiance is beautifully immersive. Once you fall into the groove, the changing melodies and the harmonies – the paired voices and the middle-8 switch in particular – you start to connect with the lyrics and emotions of the vocal performance, and this adds a whole new layer of purpose and intrigue.

Ultimately relaying a relatable frustration with the rat race of daily life, the single begins with ‘My daily wage, my days, days, days, a thorn in my life’, and proceeds to weave an evocative, almost nineties alt-rock-esque web of longing to detach from the norm. The song has a broader reach than this in reality, not confined to a single thought pattern but more broadly desperate to escape and connect on a profoundly human level. That progression is as refreshing as the music and performances themselves, and as the structure evolves we wind up in this fade-out of sudden optimism and possibility – the looping ‘One day’ really sealing the deal for this enchanting and beautifully authentic indie offering.

Absolutely brilliant, in short – genuine in style and intent, unafraid to maintain its sense of artistry and purity despite the distractions and filler or hype expectations of the current industry. Even Keel displays a much-needed level of humanity, an anti-AI embrace that reminds listeners of the unmatched power of soulful creative expression. I look forward to the album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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