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Evan Ebanks’ music has the soulful smoothness of any seductive R&B classic. On top of this though, the experience takes everything that it is to be an artist in the modern world – the language use, the story telling, the relationships and how modern life affects them – and offers up something that connects on a deep and intimate level, as well providing those essential good vibes that we so often rely on music for.

The opening track Antisocial will be the debut single from Evan Ebanks’ upcoming album, and it’s a great place to start. The music has those flawless R&B vibes, smooth transitions, satisfying production and an almighty vocal performance from the singer and songwriter. LV3 follows on strongly, switching things up a little, portraying some unique and interesting structural changes – the pace increases on occasion, the energy and intensity rise, and with the softness of the sound there comes a slightly heavier, even hip-hop inspired edge.

Not one to find himself confined to any particular mood, the album gives listeners a variety of different types of songs. Decisions (Feat Slo V and Retro) comes as a notably delicate and intimate piece of music and writing, directed explicitly at a significant other, indicating a strong ability to connect and express relationship issues in a way that will work for any number of listeners having had similar experiences. The featured rap vocal comes as a welcome addition and adds one of many moments of effective change within the project.

Production wise there’s a lot of creativity on this project. Sign, for example, teeters between the electronically retro bounce of its opening few bars, and the much more distant, spacious arena surrounding those first few vocal moments. The contrast works well in drawing your focus intermittently towards the lyrics and then the music, and back again. The lyricism is slick and captivating in this case, and the performance comes with an infectious and impressive flow. A definite highlight.

Mona Lisa (Feat. Retro) presents a striking melody and a once again unique and notably different sort of vocal performance. The leading hook is hugely memorable and the key line leaves its mark almost instantly. All To Myself follows this with a distinctly MJ inspired edge and style that provides a necessary rhythm and attitude to really sharpen up those smooth edges for a while. Then you get the blissful and loving piano ballad that is Soulmate (Feat. Laura Vivas). Laura’s vocal is sublime and provides a stunning contrast with the leading artist’s own performance. A powerful and beautifully mellow song with just a touch of added passion and power to keep things interesting.

Seed To Rose is one that again offers up a creatively free musicality that allows the leading artist’s songwriting to shine in a fresh and relevant way. The story floats along on the instrumentation in a manner that brings about unquestionable good vibes. In addition, the lyrics, the use of metaphor – it all makes for something unpredictable and beautifully poetic. Another personal favourite, a gorgeous song.

As if there wasn’t enough variety and talent showcased throughout the project, the penultimate song brings about the thickness and swagger of hip-hop and mainstream R&B with an infectious melody and rhythm; not to mention a final few moments of high energy and passion to top it all off. Do It Like Me has character, attitude, and an unwavering confidence that works brilliantly at this late stage in the collection. The smooth and calming sound of Sorry follows and sees things to a close with a beautifully raw reminder of the sheer skill of Evan Ebanks’ leading voice. His ability to perform seems effortless and limitless, never failing to hit those notes and carry that emotional depth that really keeps things believable and ultimately very real. Definitely one to watch out for.

The first single from the album is Antisocial and it will be available to download from October 3rd. The album comes out on October 17th with pre-orders starting on the 11th. Find & follow Evan Ebanks on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay updated. Visit his Website for more information.

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