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Estelle California Star


Singer, songwriter and pianist Estelle California is a France-born artist presenting a unique fusion of retro pop tones and classic big-band compositions – all of which runs well alongside of her striking and characterful vocals.

For those new to her work, Star is a powerful place to begin. What kicks off as a simple and fairly standard bit of pop ballad writing, soon evolves towards the ultimate hit of its chorus, and this moment really sees the whole thing find its flow.

The hook delivers a sudden switch to energy and passion, a heightened level of emotion, and a melody that’s now leaning far more towards melancholy and determination than the lighter mood portrayed in the verses. This build up and redirection is as artistic as ever, the lyrics tie in beautifully with the way the music progresses and rises up.

Estelle’s poetic imagery and observations on life pour through in subtle waves of depth, not quite grabbing attention from the offset, but rather, taking the time to tell a whole story, to lay out the foundation for something bigger, more meaningful, and this is shown to awesome degrees right the way through.

The ultimate big finish, guitar solo and outburst included, wraps things up in a stylish, intentional, Bond-esque manner. Great work.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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