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Ero Seagull The Gospel


Ero Seagull undoubtedly offers a sound that’s unique and easily recognisable right now. For the single The Gospel, almost every building block brings individuality and unpredictability into the mix. The opening, industrial-style beat is spacious and intense – attention grabbing from the offset and interesting for its apparent lack of genre and refusal to be confined. Following this, Seagull’s voice emerges into this ongoing outpouring of rap lyricism and conceptual story-telling.

The vocal rhythm is relentless and the entire track flows through without pause or structural segments. It feels like a performance, somewhat theatrical in both concept and style – the lyrics are undoubtedly the driving force, the main representation of the track’s underlying sentiments and intentions. As you follow them along, the story offers partly familiar and partly alternative versions of scripture, seeing the artist incorporate these stories into her own world and her own experiences as an individual.

Contrast is utilized within the language presented as both God and The Devil are referenced – and indeed as this journey moves through turmoil to possibility; beginning with descending from heaven and finishing with the idea of you’ll be protected. The details are the strength of the work, and with the sound being so alternative it’s likely that a somewhat niche yet dedicated audience will connect with and revel in Ero Seagull’s uninhibited and free approach to creativity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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