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Eric Hausmann Dos Rayz


Dos Rayz is an incredibly interesting and atmospheric song that lays out the foundation for its expression in a vintage grunge or classic ambient rock manner. There’s a feeling of something epic to come, and this is quite simply implied by the softly reverb soaked guitar part and the the intermittent drum line as the intro begins to build.

What works well about this as a piece of artistry is that, should you allow it, you can completely lose yourself in the soundscape and the mood created by the moment. As you wonder at first what the melody will be, or the story line, or the meaning behind it all, you’re soon enough swept away by answers and ambiguity all at once. The music is hugely powerful, it builds and satisfies in the perfectly realistic, alternative or progressive manner that classic instrumental rock should. If it weren’t for the organic, non-psychedelic feel, the sound would be reminiscent of the likes of Pink Floyd. In essence, this is music that you can completely rely upon to wash over you and free you of your concerns.

At almost five minutes long, you genuinely get something special and memorable from this release. The more you try to weigh it up, actually, the more you lose yourself in the raw energy of the creative expression. Musically, it’s a pleasure to experience, and simply as a source of authentic and reliable escapism – Dos Rayz makes for something powerful; easy going and heavy at the very same time.

There’s a certain, distinct guitar riff that subtly but surely makes itself known throughout the listening experience. This marks a sort of hook, a well thought out, signature trait of the song. The track in its entirety is a perfectly captured moment of emotion and musicality, and this is without the overbearing presence of excessive detail. Lovely, well worth a listen.

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