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The Friday Feeling encapsulated – Introducing a band that we should all have been introduced to a long time ago. Saxophone soul-rock and punk, with an RnB twist and plenty of colour, passion, energy and outright sensational musicianship….

Enrose have built something incredibly fresh with their sound, and their songwriting and live shows offer a sheer and uninhibited sense of expressive freedom that’s brilliantly inspiring.

Press play for the unexpected fusion of distorted guitars, soaring key and synth solos, hand drums and seductive saxophone – MY HAPPINESS achieves a fine balance between creative originality and focused, thoughtful songwriting.

The explosive opening moments subside briefly for an again unprecedented shift into softer, RnB-like verses, as the band and this intoxicating set-up proceed to weave a web that refuses to loosen its grip.

How Gabi Rose so faultlessly moves from a powerful and provocative sax performance to delivering these blissfully soulful RnB vocals is an enchanting mystery, and just one part of what gives Enrose such a mighty and unrivalled sound.

My Happiness is quite phenomenal, familiar but fresh in its managing of what works and what simply incites a sense of freedom and possibility. Absolutely a band to look out for across the live scene this year.

Find Enrose on Instagram, Bandcamp or their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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