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Energy Alchemist Reminder


Reminder is a three track EP from electronic rock ensemble Energy Alchemist. The intrigue of the band’s name fits the sound of this project well, the high energy and electrified instrumentation making for something that hits with intense impact.

To experience a release like this effectively you either need a decent sound system, sound cancelling headphones, or the sheer magnitude of a lost-in-the-moment live performance. Beginning with the title track, the music takes you on this heavily detailed, dark yet simultaneously vibrant journey through sound. The song itself seems second to the musicality on occasion, the instrumental breaks make for an overwhelming and memorable listening experience – the band effectively fuse the sound of electronica with that of a more distorted, industrial world of audio, and alongside all of it this strikingly melodic and emotional song makes its way into your mind.

Way Too Late is an entirely different experience. The opening few bars of music offer a slightly organic, spacious soundscape; a distinct riff and two alternating leading vocals add an element of the theatrical to an already eclectic collection. There’s a touch of classic rock or even metal to this song, the poetic verses, the softness of the vocal sound contrasting notably with the weight of the instrumentation. Soon enough, the whole thing explodes into a much more manic and powerful piece of music and melody – always following the song’s concept along as if these were the relative scenes in the movie of this tale. There are some incredibly creative moments throughout, occasions where the thickness of the sound falls away quite suddenly, laying bare a vocal, or the slap of a bass line, or the echo of a distorted synth riff.

All three songs on this project are well over four minutes long, making each a real experience for the listener. Flush is the final track, one that comes through with an immediate darkness, tainted again in that classic metal ambiance, yet fusing it once more with the retro and creatively free sound of electronic music. The structure of the track draws your attention intermittently to the varying elements. The same riff is showcased by more than one instrument, the melody is offered up by more than one voice, there is space at times, and at other times there is nothing but volume. The half way point reveals a beautiful side step away from the expected, really underlining further the band’s clever utilisation of structure and craftsmanship when it comes to composing music.

There are intense stories to this project, and they’re told not merely through the use of titles and lyrics, but through the way in which the instrumentation and the vocal performances represent the varying ideas. The rising passion, the emotional evolution, the stop and start nature of each piece – the songs have been written, recorded and produced so as to reflect a very distinct series of events or thoughts, and it makes for a fully unique listening experience. The three tracks maintain a notable thread throughout, but they also highlight an incredibly eclectic gathering of influences and creativity. Well worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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