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End of All Leave (EP)


Authentically compelling vocals and supremely engaging songwriting help elevate the lifetime skill and devotion of a musically masterful End of All, as they introduce their powerful debut EP Leave.

We begin with a gritty and disjointed, heavy sound, stylistically displaying a sense of this implied darkness and the alternative edge of inspiration for the band, before we shift into the notably more anthemic, brighter chorus section. That process appears to take us from pure metal into more of a Soundgarden realm. In both cases, the passion is clear, and the band’s ability to switch between styles in vocal tone and indeed in their unity as a complex arrangement of musical attributes is superb.

The songwriting is also fascinating, the use of contrast quite sublime, and as you revisit Through the Dark its presence and journey captivate and uplift all the more intensely. It’s a winner of an opening track, and it speaks volumes on behalf of the originality and skill of End of All.

Leave follows, the title-track, now with a strong riff and fantastic drumming control paving the way for a lo-fi fuzz and vocally quiet degree of intrigue.

As ever, the lyrics are poignant, personal and poetic, relatable, and that quality stands taller still here. This time the contrast is applied in a fresh way, uncertain verses followed by a fiercely immersive hook – a masterful peak in both substance and musicianship. This one is a personal favourite, the whispered verses and the riff, the explosive honesty of the hook, the scream and the softness all united – it’s a beast of a track that begs for you to delve in more than a few times over.

The mainstream threads of the hooks culminate with From The Ashes, Soundgarden perhaps shifting into Audioslave, the heaviness more consistent but the lyrics as poetic and reflective, as self-searching as before. We then move towards the power-chords and piercingly gritty edge of Take Away, a new-metal intensity taking the reins for a slick redirection. Again we note those broadly accessible realms for the hook, but that turn back towards the outcry and roar of the verse is a crucial dynamic, and ultimately wraps up the EP with a bold sense of versatility and absolute precision from a musical perspective.

Releasing March 1st, Through The Dark will introduce the newly carved-out sound of End of All as a distorted and powerful force, with the full the EP planned to release later in the year.

The project is quite faultless in its musicianship and songwriting, a mighty contender to re-animate the alt-metal scene, and a worthy reminder of the legendary rock sub-genres that first built this multi-faceted universe of reflection.

Find End of All on Facebook, Instagram & Bandcamp or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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