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Emp Tafari Pops Named Me Emperor


Emp Tafari emerges with a somewhat iconic indie hip hop album for this latest release. The deeply conceptual, musically eclectic and lyrically passionate Pops Named Me Emperor is a fascinating and beautifully uplifting new project that quickly leaves its mark.

Kicking into gear with a fine balance between strings, synths, 808s, and a classic, nostalgic flow and subtle confidence to the vocal, 2h to Death leads you softly into the style and story-telling of the artist, laying out a musical foundation that’s notably unique when compared to the vast majority of contemporary hip hop offerings. This trip hop, jazz-cafe style suits the mellow vibe and character of the voice really well.

Later on, Invisible Thoughts is a definite highlight and the perfect starting point if you’re new to Tafari’s work. Before this though, moments of piano-led power and emotion – such as the superbly anthem-like Hard To Understand – create a quicker pace and a consistent sense of contrast that helps make the whole playlist eclectic and versatile enough to hold your attention throughout.

Impressive, and easy to enjoy – hopefully this album gets the love and the audience it deserves.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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