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Emmeffe Rebirth (Remastered)


Italy’s Emmeffe returns with another reason to sit back and relax into the moment. The newly remastered Rebirth promises over five minutes of blissfully captured escapism, designed with emotion and mood at the heart of its intentions.

Paving the way slowly but surely, over a minute of introduction lays out a dreamily ambient arrangement – warming synths and euphoric yet heartbreaking melodic implications from the progression.

After this, the rhythm kicks in with classic summer dance energy, and further intricacies subtly light up the later stages as Rebirth goes on.

Featuring equal parts familiarity and character, Rebirth delivers a fitting ode to a timeless genre, and simultaneously weaves in layers of creative expression in the form of certain rhythmic and melodic flickers for a clear sense of identity.

Always a producer with heart and soul to the work presented, Emmeffe proves yet again that there is always room for deeply moving, immersive instrumental dance, and that the mind wandering as the body calms is always a worthy route whenever the world gets a little heavy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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