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Emmeffe Discovery


Producer and musician Marco Fantin returns this season with another brand new single as Emmeffe, and a it makes for a beautifully timeless re-introduction to the artist’s uniquely engaging sound and style.

Bringing together a classic click rhythm and warm bass for lightness and contrast, Discovery goes on to introduce multiple layers of dreamlike synths and fragments of simple, addictive melody. The sound is wholly immersive fairly quickly, raining down with a cinematic fullness and comforting embrace that unites creativity and professionalism in the production world.

We also get to appreciate the crucial factors of panning, drops in effects and intensity, bass-free moments for delicacy and the juxtaposed weight of the subsequent drop.

There’s a mildly sci-fi-esque core to the sound, to certain retro synths and the fast-paced rhythm alongside the mellow wash of chords – thus the title seems pretty perfect once you’re lost within the audio experience.

Bring in multiple instances of pause and thought, and this six-minute epic proves a totally hypnotic and satisfying place to turn to whenever the world gets a little too noisy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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