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Emmanuel DALMAS This Is Love That I’m Feeling


Emmanuel DALMAS presents a gorgeously smooth country-pop ballad with This is Love that I’m Feeling, a collaboration with Kirby HOWARTH. Howarth’s voice and lyrics shine brightly with an intimate delicacy that fits the mood of the Dalmas’ music, melodies, and the song’s sentiment really well.

Kirby Howarth’s singing voice has the sort of subtle strength and warmth of a familiar, well-known singer and songwriter – something about it feels very genuine and effortless in delivery. Barely crossing the three minute mark, this song utilises every second to surround the listener with a sense of calm and optimism. The music pours through with organic authenticity, so a live show is easy to visualize, and the loving nature of the songwriting suits that genuine approach pretty perfectly.

From a composition perspective, the verse melodies showcased on this release have a unique set-up, those moments meander in a less than predictable manner – the rhymes fall intermittently, and in some ways it feels like a freestyle presentation of ideas; as if these were spur of the moment declarations, the exercising of a sudden passionate desire to express.

As the song progresses, the melody, however subtle, starts to make itself much more recognisable. Those unresolved notes that lead up to the title or central line of the song, these shorter, rising lines, offer a sense of desire, and the key idea that follows – this is love that I’m feeling – effectively offers that resolve, that satisfying summary, to subtly but surely finish things off in a memorable way.

Everything about the song is gentle and easy to have play for you, it seems very real, a heartfelt story-line that’s almost whispered to the significant other by the artist performing. In turn, this quickly becomes a love song that could be shared by audiences far and wide. It’s not too personal that it isn’t accessible, but personal enough that it seems to really mean something and connect. A fitting balance.

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