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Emily Taylor Adams Leave The Light On


Emily Taylor Adams leads with heart-melting vocals on this beautifully vulnerable and loving new single Leave The Light On. This BCCMA Female Vocalist of the Year offers up a country pop aura that holds close to organic writing and performance in an uplifting and accessible way. As an introduction to her sound and her style, the song speaks volumes for the talent and passion that’s likely to follow in the coming years.

Leave The Light On is the sort of song that’s quickly familiar, memorable for its rising melody-line and for the way the soundscape surrounds and supports this building intensity and brightness. The song itself has clearly been well written, the concept is honest and intensely appreciative – it’s the sort that can be taken on by anyone and everyone experiencing this kind of love. At the same time, this particular performance is stunning – Emily’s voice is phenomenal, effortlessly meandering between moments of delicacy and those that need to hit a little harder in order to emphasise certain emotional peaks.

There’s a natural air of strength and beauty to Emily’s vocal style, and this makes the connection to the words shine all the more brightly. Leave The Light On is everything it needs to be – a superb performance, and a notably timeless song.

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Rebecca Cullen

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