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Emily Clair Limousine


Emily Clair’s return this season brings a mellow, acoustic and poetic country-pop ballad, which showcases the blissful natural ability of the singer’s voice and indeed her commitment to the performance in a beautifully pure manner.

Vocally supreme and easily one of the most uplifting singles from Emily yet, Limousine takes metaphor to the next level, and blends the classic power of country songwriting with a clear edge of contemporary pop and production – for a natural yet fresh sound that easily connects.

Increasing the energy throughout, Emily’s passionate delivery more than carries the weight of this rising progression.

Loaded with imagery, personal anecdotes yet relatable overall language use for a broadly accessible hit, Limousine feels like a timeless pop anthem of intimacy and broken hearts. In the same instance, it strongly represents the live show from Emily Clair – invites interest for the sheer power and emotion of those vocals, and indeed the organic arrangement supporting them.

Resolving beautifully, quirky yet heartfelt – this one is a personal favourite from Emily so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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