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North Dallas four-piece Elmont have released a self-produced new single entitled Home, and it’s every bit as comforting and enjoyable as the title implies.

The band could quite easily fit in among the category of indie-folk or even pop-rock to an extent, but to listen to Home is to get a sense that there’s a little more to the writing style and the musicality of the band than a simple genre label could portray.

First and foremost, the song is well written, and beautifully performed. At all times there is something blissful to clutch on to; the leading vocal has a softness to it, almost like a melodic whisper on occasion, and the guitars featured throughout showcase some beautifully atmospheric riffs. The song’s melody is simplistic in nature, which works well within the homely embrace of the song – the hook leaves its mark early on and stays with you for a fair while afterwards.

What’s interesting about the song is that for the most part it feels like a gentle, acoustic ballad – the sort that you could listen to alone, at home, through headphones, staring out of the window and forgetting about the world for a while. However, there’s a striking level of energy to the track that confidently brings it into some other realm. The rhythm is upbeat, uplifting, always appropriately light sounding but increasingly energetic, adding to the overall effect of the song this notable feeling of the outdoors, of summertime, of running through the fields to get back to the place you call home. Alongside of the beat, the instrumentation and the vocal parts increase in intensity too, so as the song progresses it becomes something much more than a simple folk ballad, it in fact becomes more and more unique, and it’s extremely memorable to listen to.

It’s a beautiful song, as mentioned, really well written, great imagery and melodies, and gorgeously and skilfully performed by all involved. Much more than all of this though, the band have taken whatever range of influences they share between them, and expressed their art in a genuinely fresh way – a difficult thing to achieve in today’s overflowing world of music. It’s hugely effective, and what’s more, to check out the band performing live underlines this fusion of lightness and energy even more so, whether it’s in real-time or over on their Youtube channel. Elmont are well worth checking out.

Listen to Home over on Spotify or download it via iTunes. Find and follow the band on Facebook to stay updated.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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