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Elmont Get Some


Elmont are back this summer with the perfect pop-rock single, bringing you that nostalgic aura along with a fresh touch of optimism and good vibes for the months ahead.

Get Some is a song that works its magic from the offset. The opening guitar sound is gently energizing, joyful and warm in presentation – it lays the foundation well for what follows. This is the sort of release that is professional and heartfelt in nature – an already strong combination – but that also just makes things feel as if they’ll be OK.

It seems like a step in a slightly new direction for the band, you can still pinpoint that Elmont sound, but there’s a flicker of Americana and a certain brightness here – perhaps even a laid-back energy, both in terms of the musicality and the subject matter. It’s a light song, it doesn’t ask anything of the listener, just that you enjoy it – which is easy to do.

As a pop song, the concept is simple and relatable, the title and that key line or hook are effective and memorable in a non-invasive way. What lets it work is the lead-up from the verses, the shortness of those lines and the space in between them give every vocal outburst a definite level of appeal. In some ways I was reminded of the way the mighty pop-rock classic Mmmbop emerged. These flickers of rhythmic, melodic vocal lines, the warmth of the music, the simplicity, the addictive nature of the hook. This is perhaps less of an aggressive ear-worm though, more of a song that gradually increases your enjoyment of it as things move along.

The instrumentation and the softness of the leading voice make it an easy track to revisit throughout your week, particularly those times when you feel as if you need a little boost or a little reminder of the good times. Elmont have written, crafted and recorded this to a flawless standard, so you can let it play out in just about any setting. I’d be interested to hear it at a live show just for that upfront love of music that the band so clearly hold on to.

Get Some was recorded & produced by Geoff Rockwell in Ft. Worth, Texas. Download the song via iTunes. Find & follow Elmont on Facebook & Instagram. Visit their Website for more info.

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