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Ellis Martin Pornotopio


On first listen, it’s electro-pop, fused with 60’s melodies; which is cool, nothing particularly groundbreaking, but sounds pretty awesome. Then a lyric catches your attention, and then another, and suddenly you find yourself watching the video three times in a row to actually make sure you’ve not got the wrong end of the stick.

There’s no sugarcoating here. Ellis Martin tells you stories you don’t expect to hear, in an addictive, melodic way, with a bouncy, joyful vibe. That croaky, soulful voice, with his neat and smiley face, all adds to the effect, and it really draws you in. It’s all a bit confusing at first, but we are so very glad we found him. This is not background music. This is Ellis Martin. Listen to him.


‘Pornotopia’ is Chicago born Ellis Martin’s debut EP. We only found it a week ago and already we can’t wait for the next release. His aim is to expose the “festering problems in our everyday lives”. No fear of controversy, none what-so-ever. Outspoken and determined. Head over to Youtube and watch the video for Maximillian. Seriously. And then watch every other video he’s made, too. There really is nothing else like this right now. Something completely different. We love it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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