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Ellis Hadlock Music Timeless Moods


Sometimes the music is so beautiful that the writing process is put on hold temporarily. In the case of Ellis Hadlock Music’s latest project, that was very much the case.

An organic and deeply moving arrangement for Memories Inside starts up the aptly-titled album Timeless Moods, with a delicate fusion of piano and distant strings; later some additional intricacies.

The use of space, the long-form melodic journey, and the softness with which the tune is played, all quickly embraces the listener, prompting the mind to calm and then wander.

It’s a brief yet striking introduction, and merely a fragment of the full scale of what’s on offer throughout this project.

Crystal Clear Solitude follows, layers of voice and synth uniting for an ambient warmth that again soothes the soul. Then comes the rhythm, a little clarity, and a fullness from some familiar instrumental details, as we delve into this multi-coloured and joyful realm. A longer piece, with far more of a wave-like progression as the tuneful story evolves.

For The Look I See, an interesting fusion of melancholy and optimism ensues – something hinted at during the earlier tracks, but not fully envisioned in such a cinematic and unexpected way. It’s unique, without a doubt, and that’s something captured well throughout the album – the use of standard instrumentation to elevate interesting patterns and moods.

Then we get a minimalist, spacious and heartbreakingly beautiful piece, for Floating To Somewhere. Rising anticipation and vastness unite with the softness of the piano-work, for a personal favourite that’s melodically addictive in its rise and fall.

Eight original tracks make up Timeless Moods, each one highlighting another strength of the creative composition and musicianship that drives Ellis Hadlock Music.

Other highlights include the exotic serenity of Steps Of The Past, and the trip-hop-kissed bass and rhythm of a brilliantly designed closer, Walking The Timeless. At this final hurdle, Hadlock showcases strength of production in unison with that organic musicality, and brings the project to an impressively inspiring finish.

Just one of fifteen albums available on all platforms. Check out Ellis Hadlock Music via Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Reverbnation.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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