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Elliot Wren Good Luck


Back with another pop-rock single straight from the heart, Elliot Wren leads with more of that engaging, personal story-telling that first appealed on RIP My Diary. This time though, the song progresses to deliver an addictive pop-punk-esque hook, even feeling a little like a country pop fusion track, with a dash of Taylor and even a hint of early Avril to it.

Good Luck is a great song, catchy and beautifully performed, driving with a mighty hook section that resolves well and is later followed by an impassioned middle-8 that furthers the empowering, rising energy of the whole thing.

Throw in mellow verses beforehand, allowing the intricate, intimate parts of Elliot’s voice to shine brightly in a nearly stripped back setting, and the whole thing utilizes contrast, melody and relatable writing, to effectively delve into the country-pop and mainstream scenes with style.

Coming in at just under the three-minute mark, Good Luck offers exactly what it needs to, and refuses to include any unnecessary filler or falseness to bulk things out. Short verse lines loaded with clear detail, musical brightness throughout, and a powerful hook that’s incredibly satisfying to join in with.

Despite the scorn at the center of the writing, the song focuses on a notably bright, joyful energy – making it far more of an anthem for those on the right side of things, than anything purely angry or resentful. It’s fun, emotional yet overcoming, and it works really well. I expect we’ll be hearing this one a lot over the coming months.

Single out August 21st. Find & follow Elliot Wren on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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