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Eliza Nova Never mind the silence


Introducing a musically eclectic, colourful and increasingly likable new single, songwriter and musician Eliza Nova brings a twist of multi-layered pop-rock and long-form storytelling to the modern scene, with the intriguing Never mind the silence.

Beginning with the unique pairing of guitar and a slightly Western-style, almost honky-tonk piano, the song introduces that long-form verse melody and the recognisable vocal nuance of Nova in a way that’s quick to grab attention. The sound is fairly raw, which gives the release something of a slow-burner approach, but that all adds to the ultimately effect as things build.

Noting a vocal style akin to the late Delores O’Riordan, Nova’s songwriting too pays tribute to the poetic style of The Cranberries, and indeed to their fusion of rock and folk-pop. Never mind the silence is the leading single from a three-track release of the same name, and the other two songs effectively reinforce this creative angle. The more you listen, the more Eliza Nova’s thought process and melodic stylings appeal for their originality and heartfelt reflective realness.

As suggested the mix has a rather homemade or indie-band quality to it, which is quite refreshing at present – a reminder of the organic qualities of the music, and a good indicator of what can be anticipated from an Eliza Nova live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

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