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Eli Purks Wasn’t Nice To Know You


Continuing to raise the bar with work ethic, passion and professionalism gloriously united, the one and only Eli Purks brings nostalgia and crisp, contemporary stylings together, throughout the catchy and unapologetically honest Wasn’t Nice To Know You.

Leading with effortlessly hypnotic, low-toned and characterful, soulful vocals, the single features a jazz-pop set-up of organic layers – strings, horns, simple rhythms and meandering bass – whilst detailing a story of heartbreak and regret.

Ever-the open and melodically memorable artist, Eli Purks remains true to his own integrity and style. The realness is refreshing, in all from genre to topic and delivery.

The voice reaches out with personality and emotion combined, particularly during the song’s stripped-back middle-8 section, within which the simple repeat of ‘People come, people go…’ makes for a beautiful moment of acceptance and relatability. The horn solo afterwards also helps reinforce the feeling of this moment and the resolve or finish to the story.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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