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Eli Purks Good As I’ll Ever Be


This release from Eli Purks is, by all accounts, one hell of a pop record. Everything from the crisp and addictive rhythm of that acoustic guitar, to the inescapably infectious and energetic chorus section. The musical side of the project – the instrumental value, the riffs, the effects – it seems to successfully fuse a little of the organic with some of that electronic and hypnotic synth style production – often heard in somewhat more alternative music. It’s a really strong and effective combination.

As a song, this track has everything music fans crave; the melody is on form, the lines are simple and concise, really leaving space around the lyrics for you to stop and take it all in – a clever of touch of songwriting, making sure you notice every line, and remember every idea. Then of course you focus in on the sound of the artist’s voice, the style of performance offered up, the character that comes through with every string of notes sung.

Eli Purks has a brilliant voice, the kind of stylish and confident leading vocal that can effortlessly carry this sort of catchy and attention grabbing pop record through any and every sound system, with great smoothness and swagger. The overall vibe of the music, the final effect initiated by all of these things working so well in one place, is this undeniably uplifting experience – the good vibes are out in full force.

The music makes you feel amazing. As mentioned, this particular track fuses a little of the raw and the real, with some of that alternative heaviness, so at first you’re drawn in by the vibe, the structure, the formula, then later you’re held captive by the personality and the flair that pours out with every line expressed. And there’s so much more where this came from.

Eli Purks is just getting started, his musical journey is one to watch out for – the level of song writing is already at an impressive high, as is the performance, as is the production featured throughout the music. The passion is there, without a doubt, so when you take the time to listen – there’s really nothing left to be desired. A talented and skillful writer and performer, with an addictively melodic and energetic track, plus some really unique lyrical moments. Make sure to get involved and look out for what will follow in the very near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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