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Eli Purks Get High


Nostalgic funk and synth-dance vibes pour through to immediately lift the mood, as Eli Purks adopts a seductive falsetto lead for this impressively crafted, no doubt Prince-inspired single Get High.

Featuring superb production from the outset, the multi-layered release blends retro bass and guitar flavors with a refreshingly original melody line that meanders and evolves alluringly.

Well-written and perhaps his most uniquely impressive single to date, Get High underlines the sheer devotion, talent and work ethic combined, that Eli Purks embraces when creating music. The track feels like a timeless classic, but also a little like a brand new hit of immersive alternative dance and soul-pop; with a sultry RnB twist to match.

Catchy bass-work and vocal highs and lows keep things addictive and stylish throughout the sub-three-minute song, and meanwhile this unorthodox yet engaging mainline melody captivates for lyrical intrigue and tuneful depth all at once.

Notably promising a fine fusion of professionalism and passion, Get High offers far more than its title perhaps implies. Easily one of Eli Purks’ strongest releases to date. A live performance is a must.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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