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Elevated $horty Mr Blue (I Might Drown)


Heavy bass and a late-night, intimate production style lead us through this contemporary style emo-rap single from artist and rapper Elevated $horty.

Standing tall on the strength of a muggy backdrop and repeated hook that quickly connects for its poetic simplicity, Mr Blue (I Might Drown) introduces a modern performance with a notably fresh story-line.

The faster the bars, the more detail offered up, and Elevated $horty manages to keep things interesting throughout this progression. Always the process resolves for the latter concept in the title, the repeat of this line proving an easy calling card for recognising the track later on.

Simple yet satisfying, introducing the artist in a relevant way, and intriguing for its use of language and exploration of the ideas within.

Download or stream Mr Blue (I Might Drown) here. Look out for the next release If The World Was Yours… in the coming months. Check out Elevated $horty on Twitter & Instagram. Elevated $horty is also part of an artist and influencer collective called Loners Club – Check them out over on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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