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Electric Standard All Our Time


Introducing a personal favourite track from the month so far, Boston’s Electric Standard raise the bar in a subtle yet striking way.

Releasing as part of a two-track EP, All Our Time effectively blends dreamy shoegaze guitars with crisp rhythms, lashings of indie-style space, and organic vocals of clear personality.

There’s initially a touch of Bowie-inspired imagery and melodic progression to the track, but ultimately the style leans more towards the soft-rock anthems of a later era – almost Pearl Jam-like during the sudden emotion and weight of the hook.

The fusion of styles is quite brilliant actually, and during the second verse the lyrics are notably captivating thanks to this evolution and the way the ideas are laid out. The thoughts intrigue at first, seeming distant before suddenly connecting and appearing clearly relevant to us all in an alluring, hypnotic manner.

Beautifully written, authentically original in lyric and style, the second half of this post-five-minute journey feeling even more exotic in its blending of moments – a hint of Meatloaf then Elton seems to crop up, before the build and the rise; the vocal unity and looping that envelops the listener and takes things to euphoric new heights.

Wonderful, a slow burner for sure but one that burns far more brightly than most in the end. Turn it up loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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