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Edvin Ellman Be Alright


Edvin Ellman is six years into his music making journey and he’s still just 19 years of age. Be Alright is a brilliant testament to the incredible skill and passion the producer combines in his approach to creativity. Bringing together a classic house beat and a set of somewhat retro samples and styles, the single is beautifully uplifting – melodic and energizing in all the best ways.

For many of us, this sort of release comes with a touch of greatly welcomed nostalgia – the dawn of EDM and its fusion with alternative pop was a bright and wonderful time. Considering the artist’s young age though lets you really hear the fresh intricacies that give this song its modern day edge.

The thought that has gone into the composition, the little details that give it character – not merely a wash of the latest synths and a fragment of a familiar vocal – everything on offer has been artistically chosen to fit within this particular setting and vibe. The vocal is up-tuned to give off a slight Jackson 5 sound, the instrumentation has something notably tropical about it, and the build up and drop are immensely satisfying.

There’s a soulfulness running throughout the performance – the melody and the lyrics are stunning, inspiring, and the producer has catered to these qualities perfectly well at every step. The song offers the power of an infectious pop hook, but it does so in a far from intrusive manner. There’s a delicacy to how memorable this is, you get swept away on the progression of the hook in a subtly entrancing way. Then these hints of repetition, the final build, the final drop – everything just works.

This is precisely the kind of widely accessible hit that would light up the dance floor at just about any event or venue, regardless of who’s in the audience. Absolutely worth discovering and I look forward to hearing more from Edvin Ellman.

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