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EDM RANKS are an underground, independent EDM and music streaming site designed to bring together EDM artists, producers and DJs, to expand their audience reach, and indeed to introduce music fans to some of the best undiscovered talent out there.

Users can create a FREE account and stream music via the site – as well as vote for their favourite tracks. If you’re an artist, you can build up credits within the site by reading news articles or remaining active within the EDM network. You can then use these credits to promote your own release on the site’s home page. EDM RANKS offer an annual announcement as to 1st place winners for best song and best producer/DJ. In addition, they¬†compile top ten style lists, such as Top 100 DJs, helping further in getting your music the attention it deserves – as well as letting you discover some of the best unheard producers and DJs globally.

There’s plenty to check out over on the site, plenty to get involved with – great articles, great music, and indeed a worthy platform of like-minded music fans and creatives to launch your music amidst. Their music-related articles span between independent, newly released tracks, to well-known producer and DJ news, events, and much more.

If electronic dance music is where your passion lies – your skill-set or even just your preference as a music fan – EDM RANKS offer the social platform and indeed the self-contained promotional community where you can really reach out and connect with those most likely to relate to, enjoy, and ultimately share your music; broadening your audience, and allowing you a relevant space within which to create.

Genre-wise the collections are split into various sub-genres, making it easier to find what you’re interested in or where your sound likely fits best – everything is welcome, from ambient to trip-hop, glitch to progressive house, techno, tropical house and beyond. Well worth a look for DJs, producers and EDM fans alike.

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Stereo Stickman is an online music magazine offering the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience.

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