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Edgar Morrell Bystander


Exclusively released as part of the two-track project that is How Would You Feel?, an intriguingly themed Bystander showcases a creative set-up and immersive lyrical scene from the outset.

Following a brief introduction, a little experimental in its layers and details, Bystander soon welcomes in an eighties style rhythm of weight and intention, and contrasts this with a softly expressive vocal and quickly catchy melody.

The whole thing wraps its groove around the listener with ease, and meanwhile those initial intricacies continue to appear scattered around the outer edges.

In short, great song-writing, a softly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound-design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry.

Beautiful, unexpectedly so – first impressions change increasingly as the song progresses and repeatedly poses the question ‘How would you feel’, followed by the whispered resolve of ’embarrassed’. The song provokes deeper thought, encourages self-awareness and consideration of one’s role within the world. The final moments present an anthem-like embrace that satisfies and rounds off the experience in a way that leaves you keen to listen again.

Fantastic, a genuinely refreshing and well-crafted alternative to the more predictable electro-pop found elsewhere.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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