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Trying to write about Edenn’s debut single Thinking is like trying to capture your entire summer in less than 500 words. Thinking is a track that should probably be called Feeling instead, because as a listener – I felt more emotions from the beat than I did about the repetitive, but still cool, lyrics. Edenn, a product of Togo, is a powerful storyteller with his modern electronic pop track. He lets the music do the talking.

With a music bed that shimmers like the ocean, or a diamond in the sky, Thinking has a blissful vibe. I just kept coming back to the idea of being on a beach at night and dancing to this song under the stars. Or, driving down a busy highway but still blaring the track on a hot summer’s day. I felt so free listening to Thinking.

On the other hand, according to Edenn’s press team, Thinking was written as a thank you and a reflection to Edenn’s fans. By them welcoming him so much for his work in fashion and screenwriting, thus, Thinking came to be. This magical transformation is certainly the mark of a true artist and from joy comes such a fun song. Edenn shows us his brilliances in musicality. I didn’t think he stretched as far with the lyrics (he’s repeating “I’ve been thinking about ya” quite a bit), but he still pieces together a clean, radio friendly track.

The music bed can be sublime at times, and strangely textured when you listen again and again. And, again. I think Edenn really dove into this song without quite knowing how it would end. It just sort of wraps itself up (not in a bad way). The electronic music bed is memorable enough that you want to keep listening. Edenn creates a strangely expansive sonic beat that doesn’t challenge the norm, but still should be given kudos for standing out.

One thing that surprised me was in learning about Edenn, with him being a true citizen of the world and having a team comprised of folks from all over the globe, was the flavoring of Thinking. I thought there would be more of a brew of Caribbean, saucy Latin and even woody Canadian-like inspirations.

Edenn, who’s real name is Edem Kodjo Azuma, gets two thumbs up for such an enjoyable track. Thinking is a great addition to your Spotify playlist or perfect soundtrack for your morning, outside jog. Keep thinking about Thinking. Good things are on their way for Edenn!

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