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Earl Adamant Allen Not Enough


Not Enough is blissfully easy to listen to, the music has a beautiful ambiance and features a simple yet emotionally effective chord progression that sets the scene brilliantly. On top of this, Earl Adamant Allen’s leading voice has the mellow yet sincere tone to carry the sentiment of the song in the most authentic and smooth manner possible.

The concept of the song is something that so many people aspire to discover or hope to stumble upon some day. The way in which the artist has approached the subject of dedication and ever-lasting love is unique and honest to the point that it speaks such humanity and such raw emotion. It’s compelling to listen to, and you can hear the genuine passion and purity in the leading voice with every line he speaks. Even the melody to the song, bringing in a touch of R&B, a higher end vocal to keep things interesting; to signify that rising intensity and to reinforce the heartfelt nature of the composition.

It’s a beautiful song, the music builds in a simple way that allows the heart of the concept to shine with absolute brightness. This meeting of hip-hop and pop or the sound of rap and the musicality of a ballad comes through as very real in this case. There’s no denying the truth and depth of the lyrics, it’s something many people will be able to appreciate or even relate to, and yet it speaks directly to a significant other – the songwriting has masterfully captured that clever balance between something deeply personal and something widely accessible. Audiences of all genres can connect with this kind of truth, and musically speaking it’s a beautiful release – this is a stunning voice that’s a total pleasure to listen to. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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