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DYLI Cherry Coke


DYLI offers up some blissfully mellow vibes on this latest single Cherry Coke. A simple ambiance emerges, a classically warm beat and a few distant synths bring through gentle colour and calm. Alongside of this, DYLI’s leading voice drives with a modern RnB style and tone – equally mellow, laid back in performance style and also in the subject matter and this whole portrayal of the little things and the good or hard times surrounding them.

Cherry Coke is an easy track to escape to, nothing overbearing comes into view – on the contrary, the single’s energy remains constant, allowing you to really get into the moment or carry on with whatever it is that you were doing but perhaps with a little more softness. At the same time, even with these humble characteristics, there’s a familiarity to the concept and to the overall sound – this trip hop mood and DYLI’s mild yet gravelly tone, and the hook – all of this makes it easy to recognise the song the second and third times around. The rhythm with which the vocal melody is presented has a definite air of personality and adds further to the entrancing quality of the entire piece.

The more you get into this, as it reappears in your playlist, there’s a personal touch to the song and a sense of truth that you come to appreciate more and more. The clever contemporary references are just a small part of it, there’s a sense of turmoil and emotional difficulty running throughout many of the details – showcasing another side to the artist; one that audiences are likely to connect with on a deeper and more lasting level. The saxophone that comes in during the latter half is another simple yet beautifully effective touch that enhances the general vibe in a wonderful way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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