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Dyl Hey Whatsup Hello


Already reaching way past the 50,000 views mark, Dyl’s follow-up to Looking For Some Trouble is well on track to make even greater waves. Bringing through a clear love for life and for hip hop in general, Hey Whatsup Hello is an easy anthem for the summer, loaded with good vibes, quirky rhymes, and a consistently rhythmic flow that works well on top of the natural bounce of the beat.

Everything from the production to the vocal flow to the accompanying video for this release is of an impressive quality. The backdrop brings together a fairly classic hip hop style – the kind of mildly haunting riff loops that made up some of the legendary hits from the nineties and noughties – with a slightly more electro-pop, upbeat and energizing vibe. There’s a smoothness to it all, and Dyl’s voice alongside of this works perfectly. There’s character to that vocal line, to the varied flow of the verses, and indeed to many of the lyrics.

Hey Whatsup Hello is a fresh track that tips its hat to the sound of today and that of a simpler time alike, working well to further introduce Dyl’s style and sound, and likely sealing the deal for fans who were previously on the fence.

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