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Dunja World ONE


ONE, the latest single from Yugoslavian native Dunja World, was released this past April, and it’s an anthemic song of praise that’s as vulnerable as it is powerful. ONE is an uplifting ballad that emphasizes the beauty of life and love, and World has taken careful consideration in conveying just how much this means to her. Every note she sings comes across as a sort of triumphant battle cry, celebrating and rejoicing the simple act of just being alive.

While the lyrics aren’t particularly deep, they don’t need to be. The beautiful thing about this song is that the music acts as the perfect catalyst to World’s voice. Both the music and the vocal are dripping with such emotion that the listener instantly feels what the song is about – rather than having to listen for the words to fully understand.

Everything works together in such harmony that it makes ONE a truly empowering experience. It starts out tame and subdued and then lifts and builds with such ease as powerful drums and perfectly accented choral arrangements take us to a climactic final chorus. The journey from something soft and intimate to that which is monumental and universal, in less than 3 minutes, feels so natural that the listener doesn’t even think twice about it; a true testament to this song’s artistry.

ONE’s message of positivity only becomes more impactful when you also consider the trials and tribulations of Dunja World herself, and all that she’s had to endure. Every person faces hardship at some point in their lives, but it’s how we respond to such adversity that truly defines who we are. ONE is Dunja World’s response to that hardship, and her spirit will not be broken.

Dunja World is a survivor of the 1999 Civil War. The classically trained pianist, singer & songwriter now resides in New York. Find & follow Dunja World on Twitter & Instagram.

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