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Dukki Boi There Go Yo Yeah (feat Dave Lemon)


Dukki Boi as a rapper has the sort of nostalgic and natural vocal tone to really carry an appealing vibe within modern hip hop. As an artist in general, this single feeds further into that sentiment – making for something that quite genuinely feels as if it was a slept on hit from the dawn of the genre.

There’s something inherently smooth about the ambiance and indeed about the calming tone and rhythm of Dukki Boi’s vocal delivery. In addition, the melodic feature from Dave Lemon adds a contrasting soulfulness, still delicate and in keeping with the mood of the piece, but bringing a different kind of passion and adding a welcomed dynamic to an already enjoyable track.

There Go Yo Yeah is an easy song to like, feeling a little Tupac-inspired in the spaciousness of the ambiance and the depth and natural ability of Dukki Boi’s voice and his flow. Musically the whole thing feels rightfully laid-back, the mood is cool and a pleasure to let play. The melodic moments work well within the piece, keeping the structure interesting so as not to lose your attention or interest.

The lyrics perhaps come last in everything you’re quick to appreciate about the track – that’s not necessarily a bad thing though. The music makes it a simple joy to chill-out as the song plays, and the voices kind of sound as if there’s something thoughtful or trustworthy at hand. When you do actually go ahead and dig a little deeper, following the lines along and gathering a clearer picture of the concept, the story-line and every lyric within fortunately do indeed fit well with the implied sentiments and the overall ambiance of the single. The whole thing just works, it knows what it intends to portray, and it does so with skill and professionalism. This kind of energy and approach is rare these days but it’s a real pleasure to stumble upon.

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