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Duccbod Phone Screen (Official Video)


Featuring superb production and dreamy sound-design from Natural Habitat, the UK’s own Duccbod re-emerges this summer with a stunning hit of emotive intimacy and depth.

Despite the physicality and materialism implied by the title, Phone Screen is a beautifully thoughtful, deep-thinking and poetic single, which sets the mood for its late-night contemplation and melancholy with pristine ambiance and notable vulnerability in the lyrics. Even Duccbod’s vocal has this sort of authentically tired, uncertain and unsettled tone and rasp to it.

As a listener, you quickly become enveloped in the sentiment, feeling the need to turn it up louder and just escape entirely into this heartache and isolation.

Stylistically, the arrangement is fairly unique. On the one hand we get a classic emo-rock riff, the sort brought back in recent years by the likes of Lil Peep. On the other, we get this relentlessly rising and falling vocal melody, throwing in a touch of RnB during the verses, before resolving for a more anthem-like, indie-pop hook. Drop in the beat and suddenly there’s a whole new layer of detail – a certain mellow drama and intensity, which grabs hold all the more-so and helps the growing passion of the song become even more immersive.

Contrast is utilized beautifully throughout, both Duccbod and Natural Habitat showcasing a clear connection to the feelings and sentiments of the subject matter. The stops and starts, the subtle heaviness, this trip-hop-inspired embrace that cries out on your behalf. Really nicely done – a total dream to turn up loud and lose yourself within. I look forward to hearing more.

Look out for the upcoming album i breathe blue. Find & follow Duccbod on Spotify, Twitter & Instagram. Check out producer Natural Habitat on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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