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duccbod No Sympathy


Introducing an emotional deep-dive that’s as stylistically immersive as it is poignant and compelling.

Accessing the inner turmoil of heartbreak, and featuring blissfully expressive, raspy and soulful yet aptly tired vocals, No Sympathy initially makes fine use of a softly cinematic, enveloping soundscape.

The song follows the simple riff of a guitar initially, a few dashes of synths for ambiance, soon evolving into a raw and tribal rhythmic arena in which the voice switches to rap and the details pour through with all the more urgency. Later on, a whole new realm of distorted rock kicks into gear, which might not work in many cases but is absolutely on point here in terms of the growing emotion and intensity of the song.

This build-up continues to connect throughout, the song essentially moving from good to great to superb as it progresses through its near five-minute lifespan. Throw in a nostalgically shot video depicting the situation and the artist lost in performance and indeed his own thoughts, and the resulting release is one that captivates to a heavy degree.

There’s something very raw and honest about it all, from the lyrics to the delivery to the production, and this is all at once refreshing and cleverly contemporary in style.

Beautifully genuine, melodically hypnotic, and conceptually loaded with intimacy and depth that’s incredibly easy to relate to and in turn lose yourself amidst.

No Sympathy out February 18th with the video expected February 24th. Check out duccbod on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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