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Dru Cutler is a wonderfully talented songwriter and musician with an array of recordings to his name for you to check out and embrace.¬†Hometown¬†is a folk-songwriter meets rock and roll kind of track, one of the artist’s more energetic and full on recordings. There’s an explicit level of honesty and personality to the song, in both the lyrics and the leading vocal performance – the emotion, the passion – but there’s also a warm and upbeat energy to the surrounding music; a full band feel that’s impossible not to love. The combination works well, the warmth of the music and the building instrumentation adds a level of drama and intensity that really brings out the brightness and power of the song.

The chorus of voices enhances the hook section brilliantly, as does the sound of the piano, and the organic sound of the drums – the almost freestyle nature in which they are played, particularly towards the end. The track also features a well placed and appropriate guitar solo, not overdoing it, not thinking too much of itself, just simply, once again, adding to that overall polish and power the song is presented with.

The song is really easy to listen to and enjoy. It has the nostalgic brightness and bounce of any great country rock or pop track, but it also features a string of lyrics that are notably unique to the songwriter, and these offer an original insight, a fresh perspective; something which is invaluable in music and likely to reach out and appeal to a significant number of listeners. The concept of life in your hometown is something we can all relate to, the nostalgia of the idea, the imagery used in the song, the warmth and familiarity of the music; all of this helps really draw you in and connect you to the song and the music. Once drawn in, you get to appreciate the skill and artistry of Dru Cutler’s work, and from then on in there’s only more and more to enjoy.

Download the track via Bandcamp. Find and follow Dru Cutler on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. Visit his Website for more information.

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