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Drew Ramz Wasted Away (Feat. Alex Scott)


Songwriter and artist Andrew Ramsarran (Drew Ramz) has crafted a classic pop anthem with this beautifully genre-fusing declaration of personal turmoil.

Leading with a crisp, intimate and admittedly familiar guitar progression, the track sets a likable mood from the offset, and proceeds to weave around listeners a story of self-deprecation – but in a strangely uplifting way.

Despite its laying bare of truthful, less than admirable circumstances, the music is loaded with good vibes. Ramz has incorporated strong melodies, brilliant vocals and harmonies, a notably country or Americana-like build up, and a layer of hip hop for further dynamic, and all of this blends brilliantly together – feeling almost like a fresh take on the style that brought us the surprising hit Old Town Road.

It’s an addictive piece of music, complete with guitar and whistles, calmness and optimism, all juxtaposed by this heavy burden that is the drink and the desire to binge and intoxicate our way through the days. A familiar lifestyle, by all accounts, and while the song far from celebrates it, the music does prove catchy enough to leave you feeling pretty good about it all.

Great songwriting, subtly clever, and easily recognizable once you’ve heard it. Brilliant production, too – layers of organic sound-play and a clean finish that’s notably refreshing.

Single out August 21st on all platforms. Find & follow Drew Ramz on Instagram & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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