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Dream of Orion Miluju Tě


Dream Of Orion kick up a cinematic groove fit for the big screen with this latest release.

Miluju Tě presents an immediately likeable bounce – an organic tribal rhythm section accompanies a few simple yet effective riffs, all of which quickly embraces the listener and offers an energizing arena of impressive world-music vibes.

As the track progresses, the artist incorporates a select few lyrics, a minimalist delivery and a simple melody flow through amidst the soundscape with a level of intimacy and romance. The term itself, Miluju TěI Love You, is the very core of the story-line – a personal outpouring to a significant other.

What makes it refreshing is this upbeat, spacious and enjoyable backdrop. Where the majority of so-called love songs have a certain mellow ambiance, this release focuses on the excitement and positivity of love, so you get the colour and brightness of a somewhat tribal dance track running in unison with these personal declarations. The song also presents a few hints of uncertainty, a level of realness, so the grit and rising weight of the hook reflects this well.

The single has great character, those opening moments are superb – feeling ready to grace the scenes of a Tarantino flick or a Bond film. As things progress, Dream Of Orion stays focused on a few central layers, building slightly but never exceeding the realm of what originally makes it appeal. A dash of distortion and a heavier beat help light up the hook section in a stylish way, though it still suits the mood and the development within.

Undoubtedly, after hearing this just once, you’ll recognise it the next time around. An easy hit with a brilliant rhythmic set-up – likely to be well worth experiencing at a live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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