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Dread Engine TERROR


I’m always amazed at how supremely high-quality the indie compositions from modern metalcore and electronic rock acts are. The soundscapes are sublime, the topics explored with precision and depth, the musicianship second to none.

Why then are there not more of these acts featured in film and other media? Has the industry become too saturated that it’s next to impossible to stand out? The bar has been raised so high, which is great, but you have to do a little more searching to find all the hidden gems, that’s all.

Enter Dread Engine, fusing genres with fierce intention and flair, first connecting for their enveloping sound-design and second for their humanity, melody and meaning.

Terror is the new single, a release complete with a performance visual to showcase each and every organic layer and trait of their distinctly versatile approach.

Inspired by eighties synth-wave whilst musically elevated by the precise juxtaposition of metalcore intensity and softness, Terror proves deeply evocative, heavily energizing, and impressively catchy.

The song features multiple switches in focus, the band sharing the stage equally, the guiding voice itself showcasing various different sides of the emotional spectrum as it delves into the complex feelings of this particular story.

An easy must for the winter months. Find Dread Engine on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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