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Drastiqe Outlaw Recipe


Drastiqe Outlaw is a reggae dancehall artist and songwriter from Jamaica, with an extensive collection of tracks to his name. The vibe set by his music is everything you’d hope for with the genre, taking a little inspiration and influence from a range of artists, but keeping the sound very much in tune with his own creativity. Recipe is a strong starting place for new listeners.

The track has a fairly mellow feel to it on the whole, but it’s an uplifting sort of mellow – the good vibes are strong, the beat is light, and the whole thing conjures up a pretty relaxed ambiance for the summer time. If you were to hear this track on mainstream radio it would fit in as flawlessly as any other, by any other artist.

Drastiqe Outlaw writes the songs that are true to his own character, the music is well produced, and the melodies and the vocal performance throughout give off a distinct sound that you soon learn to know as unique to this artist. There’s a hint of Sean Paul in there at times, a little bit of the pop-reggae sound that is pretty consistently popular, and the only real difference between this and something you’d currently hear on the radio is the marketing behind it – so if you’re a fan, get on board and show your support.

Drastiqe Outlaw is hugely passionate about making music, and you can tell this just by listening to some of his tracks, and looking back through his catalogue of music. His voice has a softness to it that is easy to listen to and recognise, and the hook to this track is genuinely smooth sounding and memorable; the whole thing is really well structured. It’s worth pointing out as well, you can hear that there could quite easily be a remix or two of this particular track to vamp things up a little, to take the music in even more directions – the possibility for collaboration is a pretty exciting one.

Find out more and keep up to date with Drastiqe Outlaw over on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter and Instagram. Grab his album over on iTunes.

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