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Doomsy Perfect


Turns out a lovely hit of lo-fi, guitar-led trip-hop is all that’s required to temporarily switch off the weight of the world and relax into the moment.

Boston’s Doomsy has crafted a dream of a single with this, the aptly titled Perfect. From the offset, the softness of that guitar riff, quietly drawing you in and lulling you into a state of calm, meets with the retro compression of the beat, to form a soundscape that’s hypnotic enough in its own right. In addition to this though, soon we get a leading vocal, a pair of voices no less, two tones and a breathy delivery of a deeply intimate story-line.

Happiness is hard to find, when all your friends are found online…

Perfect turns out to be a gorgeously revealing hit of songwriting, with certain lines that gently scream out for connection in a powerful way. As suggested, this has turned out to be an addictive wash of soothing, looping escapism, which is perhaps all the more impactful due to the current state of our world.

This is a beautiful song, nostalgic yet fresh in concept and melody, subtly in design. I look forward to hearing more from Doomsy.

You might think you’re all alone, and you might think you’re not enough, you might think the world is broken, but at least I think you’re perfect….

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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