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DONQUEST makes the absolute most out of every single second of this three-minute-fifty release that is Alive. Leading with structural prowess and a clear variety of flows and ideas, the track impresses from the offset and continues to keep you interested and indeed captivated right the way through.

Helping make sure everything connects well from the sound alone is a strong and colourful beat, and a leading voice that’s genuinely unique and calmly confident enough to grab your attention. The song sounds good, simply put – whether the lyricism was below par or not is almost irrelevant at first; the good vibes are there and the production has been finely mastered so as to let the whole thing shine easily. Fortunately though, as it turns out, there’s plenty more to appreciate about the track as it progresses.

Alive is a song with a specific intention and sentiment within its story-line. Donquest leads with this at every step, keeping his bars poetic and personal, reflective of a hard-working, driven creative. At the same time, the various sections showcase different types of flow, different rhythms and lines of varied lengths. Whatever the moment, it’s entertaining, and the artist always finds the right way to present his best self and the details of his underlying concept.

Alive is an easy going track that sounds good but also raises itself up slightly higher than the majority of its peers. There’s personality here, interwoven among professionalism and creativity, and while the track feels familiar and relevant stylistically, it also offers something or someone genuinely fresh and musically enjoyable. Undoubtedly one we’ll be hearing a lot of over the coming weeks.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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